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LISTEN! Life is Calling - NEW for 2019!
Many people struggle to understand the "Why?" of Life when dealing with the challenges of aging, serious disease, and the reality of morality. Lacking a sense of meaning and purpose, the journey of Life is merely an endurance test. However, if we believe that every moment is an opportunity to contribute to Life in meaning-FULL ways, the journey of Life becomes an experience to be embraced and enjoyed. Therefore, it is imperative to remember that the world awaits what only we have to offer as unique individuals. In return, our lives are enriched beyond measure whether we have 20 years or 20 minutes remaining.

Aging from the Inside Out - NEW for 2019!
As a society, we typically focus on the outward manifestations of aging—gray hair, wrinkles, and physical changes. Our desire to retain a youthful appearance fuels the multi-billion dollar anti-aging industry. I often wonder if we would be better served to focus on the intangible, internal manifestations of aging—the evolution of our understanding of life, the enhanced appreciation of the moment, and the acquisition of wisdom that we can then offer to the world. Care to wonder with me? 

The Loneliness Epidemic - NEW for 2019!
Loneliness is a subjective feeling related to isolation. It’s possible to be alone without feeling lonely. However, research reveals that loneliness is being reported in epidemic proportions throughout our country today, with serious consequence. Loneliness leads to a shorter life expectancy, lower quality of life, and complications with caregiving. Therefore, how can we as individuals and as a society proactively address the issue of loneliness?

Come Together - Right Now!  NEW for 2019! 
According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, human beings long for love and belonging - to feel a part of a community (family, friends, society). Fundamentally, we are relational beings. But as we age, situational changes often threaten our sense of belonging as the nature and composition of our respective communities change. So, where and with whom do you belong? Consider the various aspects of your community: the people, the place, the reason, and the logistics. Then, explore the innovative and life-giving community options arising from demographic needs and wants. Coming together enriches the journey for all concerned. 

Aging: The Opportunity of a Lifetime!
Getting old. A process that frightens, angers, and challenges most people. Granted, aging is not for the faint of heart. However, the journey consists of more than grey hair, wrinkles, illness, and loss. So, instead of believing the negative headline news about aging, I invite you to seriously consider "getting" old. By that I mean recognizing and appreciating the burdens and the benefits of aging. Possibilities and opportunities come with age as well. Getting old is a gift—an opportunity of a lifetime! Don't miss it!

A Humorous Look at Aging
Today, as in years past, Bette Davis’ comment rings true. “Old age ain't no place for sissies.” Aging is a daunting prospect for most of us. Confronted by the challenges of illness, the reality of our mortality, and the myriad of losses prompted by aging, we obviously need courage, commitment, and conviction to complete the journey. Doesn’t hurt if we have a good sense of humor as well! Humor and laughter are known to be beneficial methods of coping with stress. 

The Challenges of Going Solo - NEW for 2019!
A key factor in aging well is having a reliable social support system (family and friends). Due to the changing demographics in the United States, it is estimated that 20-30% of the population over the age of 65 is "going solo."  Aging alone. This segment of the aging population is referred to as elder orphans or solo agers. These individuals live alone, have no children, and do not have a life partner. The consequences of going solo are numerous and extensive: a lower quality of life, a shorter life expectancy, complications in the caregiving journey, and physical isolation leading to an enhanced sense of loneliness. The opportunity for solo agers as well as our society is to collaboratively create sustainable support systems for the betterment of all concerned.