LISTEN! Life is Calling - NEW for 2019!
Many people struggle to understand the "Why?" of Life when dealing with the challenges of aging, serious disease, and the reality of morality. Lacking a sense of meaning and purpose, the journey of Life is merely an endurance test. However, if we believe that every moment is an opportunity to contribute to Life in meaning-FULL ways, the journey of Life becomes an experience to be embraced and enjoyed. Therefore, it is imperative to remember that the world awaits what only we have to offer as unique individuals. In return, our lives are enriched beyond measure whether we have 20 years or 20 minutes remaining.

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Effective Communication - NEW For 2019!
Communication is defined as the exchange of information—something we do routinely day in and day out. However, routine is not synonymous with artful or effective!  Miscommunications happen in our personal and professional roles—creating confusion, conflict, and contention. So, what is the secret communicating effectively? Stop. Look. And Listen.

Walking the Line: The Blessings of Boundaries
Boundaries are necessary behavioral constructs that allow for healthy relationships with other people, personally and professionally. We need to be aware of where we end and the other person begins. Boundaries serve to protect both persons, honoring and respecting each individual. Some boundaries are defined by legal mandates while others are defined by mutual consent, assumptions, or cultural norms. Organizations and individuals are well served if proactive education is offered to raise the awareness around the need and purpose of boundaries.

Got Bounce? Exploring the Process of Resilience
As human beings, we will experience the highs and lows of life. Often, the transitions between the peaks and valleys are difficult. It is during the times that try our souls that we realize the importance of resilience, the ability to “bounce back” from adversity. Resilience is not a trait. Rather, it is a process of adaptation that is rooted in realistic optimism—a perspective of life that allows us to discern hope, possibilities, and opportunities in the aftermath of adversity. Life can be shocking to say the very least! Instead of being shattered by the unexpected and the unwanted, we have the ability to choose a response to life. To meet the most daunting challenges of life, we gotta have bounce!

Bridge Time: Dealing With the Consequences of Change
Most human beings are not fond of change, invited or not. Change disrupts our daily routines, life expectations, and our sense of certainty. Change reminds us that we are not in control! But change is a given in life. So instead of resisting change, how can we engage it? First, understand the process of change, loss, transition, grief, and mourning. Second, decide to move through the process and embrace a new way of being. And finally, develop a mindset that serves to move us through the transition. Resilience, interdependence, and meaning are invaluable resources on the transitional bridges of life.

The Afterglow of Adversity
Take a few moments to reflect on your life. When have you learned the most about yourself and about life? More than likely, it’s the times of trial and tribulation that informed and influenced your journey the most. Viktor Frankl noted that it is under the white heat of suffering that life takes shape. Combining Frankl’s foundational premise with the subsequent research related to resilience and the psychology of post-traumatic growth, we begin to recognize the potential afterglow of adversity. Welcome or not, adversity often serves as a segue to positive transformation.

Life: What’s It All About?
Viktor Frankl, a twentieth-century psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, believed strongly that humanity is driven by the will to meaning. We have a basic need to find and to fulfill our meaning and purpose in life. The itch to understand intensifies as we age. We long to make sense of our experiences, particularly the times of suffering and heartache. However, meaning isn’t something we stumble upon happenstance. Rather, meaning is derived from what we contribute, what we experience, and how we choose to suffer. Discernment of meaning requires commitment, courage, and curiosity. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work! If you are willing to invest your heart and soul in the search for meaning, your life will be enriched beyond measure. Meaning-FULL. Don’t settle for anything less!