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I post short videos on AARP Colorado Facebook twice a week. To discover innovative ideas, beneficial resources, and upcoming programs for caregivers and care receivers, check us out!



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In collaboration with AARP Colorado, I recorded a series of webinars focused on the issues of caregiving. Previously recorded webinars are available for viewing. 

 Caregiving in the 21st Century

 Resistance to Assistance

 Bridge Time

 Longevity—The Pros and Cons

As an educator and life-long student, I am thankful that technology provides access to much needed and beneficial information with one quick click!  We have SO many questions regarding aging, illness, and the end of life. What a blessing to discover the desired answers at our fingertips. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that in addition to Cardinal books, blogs, and programs, you can now obtain insightful information via podcasts, videos, and webinars compliments of Cardinal, LLC and AARP Colorado. Have fun checking out the links below!

Podcasts: Care-FULL Conversations

In collaboration with AARP Colorado, I created and recorded a series of 40 Podcasts to be broadcast periodically throughout the year. The conversations explore the journey of caregiving from the inside out. Honest conversations about what it FEELS like to be a caregiver or care receiver. Please click on THIS LINK to listen to the recent recordings of AARP Care-Full Conversations Podcast.




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Videos: Care-FULL Conversations & Round Table Discussions

I worked with AARP Colorado to film short videos on various facets of caregiving. We completed 20 videos in 2017 with more planned for 2018. Click on this LINK and enjoy the show!

Additionally, we filmed three round table renditions of Care-FULL Conversations, lively and engaging discussions with local caregiving experts. Please check out the three videos to learn of beneficial ideas and caregiving resources. Make some popcorn, grab a beverage, and put your feet up. It's SHOW TIME!

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