Jane W. Barton listens to, writes for, and speaks with patients, family members, pastoral caregivers, and healthcare providers who deal with the lived experience of serious illness, caregiving, aging, and end-of-life issues. To be fully human is to experience the deep meaning, profound growth, joy, pain, and suffering prompted by change, loss, and death. Yet, in order to avoid pain and suffering, we often become resistant to change, indignant toward loss, and fearful of death. Consequently, the invitation to understand the fullness of life, to grow beyond our imagined limitations, and to rejoice in the moment is missed.


Through compassionate listening, writing, and speaking, Jane encourages intentional engagement with all aspects of life. We are freed to explore life’s profound mysteries by learning how to name and face our resistance, anger, and fears related to illness, disability, and aging. The foundational belief reflected throughout Jane’s programs and writings is this – we cannot control everything that happens over the course of a lifetime, but we always have the freedom to choose an attitude in how we respond to life. Our choice determines the essence of our existence. Therefore, we must choose wisely. Our life depends on it!


Whether a patient, family member, caregiver, or healthcare provider, you will benefit from the innovative educational workshops and presentations offered locally (Denver), regionally (Colorado), and nationally. Please review the Cardinal Calendar for upcoming presentations in your community.


Cardinal, LLC provides the knowledge and insights to confront the daunting challenges posed by serious illness, disability, and aging. Programs include, but are not limited to, the following topics:


  • Grief and Bereavement: recognizing and integrating loss into our lives.
  • Spirituality and Health: understanding how our foundational beliefs inform and influence our experience of illness, disability, and loss.
  • Caregiving: addressing the challenges of caring for those we love with innovative, creative, affordable approaches.
  • Impact of Illness, Disability, and Aging: exploring the physical, emotional and spiritual realms.
  • Managing and Maintaining Relationships: appreciating the need for and purpose of personal, peer, and professional boundaries.
  • Options of Care: demystifying hospice and palliative care.
  • Miscellaneous Topics: compassion fatigue, moral distress, cultural competency.


Please contact Jane W. Barton to schedule a presentation for your agency, organization, faith community, conference, corporation, or educational institution.

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