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Jane W. Barton,  MTS, MASM, CSA, is a passionate speaker, writer, and listener. As the founder of Cardinal, LLC, she provides educational programs, books, and blogs to assist people in confronting the daunting challenges posed by aging, caregiving, and the end of life. Jane is well versed in the areas of grief and bereavement, caregiving, hospice and palliative care, change and transition, and spirituality and health. She presents innovative, transformational programs nationwide to community members, health care providers, pastoral caregivers, clergy, funeral service providers, and family caregivers.

Jane W. Barton is the author of Caregiving for the GENIUS. She also blogs routinely for several organizations. Please check out her latest postings.

Jane W. Barton is a passionate speaker, writer, and listener.She presents complex and emotional topics in a compassionate and artful manner.  

Jane W. Barton collaborates with organizations nationwide to provide a myriad of programs for community members and professionals alike. 





Jane W. Barton provides educational programs, webinars, books, and blogs about the issues related to aging, illness, caregiving, and the end of life.



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